Senergy is a synchronistic group of programs

They blend the innate wisdom of an individual with the powerful properties of Creative Energy. Take a deep breath and step into my world…where nothing is impossible and all things are ready, just waiting, to create into the 3rd Dimension.

About Lauri Cloud and Senergy

Stay The Course…Connected To Source

For the most part, humans are unaware of the ability to create beyond the process of “doing”. 

We have been under the impression that creation can only be accomplished through physical efforts.  Thus, we find ourselves “stuck” with only what we know to be true and unaware of what is available to us.

My journey in this lifetime is much like everyone else’s journey, in that we all experience love, joy, companionship, enlightenment sprinkled with diversity, challenge, resistance.  

I discovered early in my childhood a connection to energy Much greater than myself. 

Experiencing this Energy created a difference in my experience of the world around me and how I connected with that world. 

It set me apart from those I sought to be connected… which created the opportunity for me to discover the “unseen” and “untouchable”.  A mystical, magical world that became my foundation.  A world that remained with me as I moved into the practical experience of adulthood.  And That has made all the difference in my life’s journey!

If you have a goal or a dream that you’ve always wanted to achieve your new experience is just a “choice” away. Everybody says they want a better life but they aren’t willing to do the truly hard and honest work to get it in this magnitude. No one likes self-reflection but truly the only way you can move forward is to remove the barriers that you placed in your life in the past NOW is the perfect time to focus on its creation!

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The Blissful Apothecary is a book of 101 remedies to boost your health and well-being. Lauri only uses essential oils in her recipes. You will learn the discovery of how magnificent the body maintains physical health when freed from man-made products and how profound they are.

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Spiritual Mentoring Options with Lauri Cloud

The tools and techniques of Manifestation are readily available…just for the asking! 

I know that might be hard to grasp. Today we are told that you have to work hard to get what you want. You must climb that corporate ladder one rung at a time in order to gain your success. There is some truth to that but what if you could learn to unleash the power you have within yourself to help you even more? I offer the following services to assist you on your journey.

Being of Light Training is an extensive, in-depth program to awaken the Truth within. 

This incredible Spiritual Mentoring experience typically spans over a 3-month time frame but is currently being offered as a 4-day Intensive workshop.  In B.O.L.T  you will go beyond the realm of reality to discover the amazing truth of your existence….YOU ARE a Being of Light and you possess the abilities and capabilities to transform your world!

The principals, tools, and techniques given throughout the aspects of the Senergy Program unearth the unknown within!

Spiritual mentoring and Extensive Mentoring with Lauri

The Mentoring Program consists of a once a week private 30-minute telephone session.  Each session is intuitively constructed to enhance the day-to-day living experience of the participant.  I will be your Spiritual mentor. The focus is always on expanding the individual’s life with Love, Light, and Empowerment!

Lauri’s Latest Book- Blissful Apothecary

The Blissful Apothecary is a collection of 101 remedies for our physical health and well-being. Using only the purest essential oils…the discovery of how magnificent the body maintains physical health when no longer plied with man-made products is profound. 

On the “lighter side”, Senergy offers an amazing experience to assist in bringing the physical body into alignment with the Enlightened Self. It is a mechanism that continues to reset back to perfection if we are in attendance and aware of its needs.  It is a natural progression once we bring the emotional and mental self into alignment with our Spiritual self that the physical body would be ready for more than our 3rd Dimension health. Thus, the e-book, The Blissful Apothecary has come into being.

From my perspective…nothing is impossible, all things are ready and waiting for us to create them into the 3rd Dimension. 

In the practical 3rd Dimension Earthly dynamic…we are taught to embrace only this dynamic.  What you see is what you get…the tangible world around us is all there is to experience on this planet…life is challenging…BE practical…keep your eye on the Ball! It is time to step out of the box that we’ve all been kept in at some point in our lives and learn that there is more much more out there for you. Questions? Call Lauri 1-760 586-2231.

Single Copy Here Of The Blissful Apothecary For $6.99!
Set Of 10 Copies Of The Blissful Apothecary For $50 Here!
For Custom Orders Please Contact Us!
Senergy - Own Your power to change the world!

Are you ready for a change?

If you have always known in your heart that there was more out there for you. Own the power to change your world!

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People Love working with Lauri

Many have achieved remarkable life-changing results with Lauri. Her wisdom and techniques are tools you can use over and over! Read some of their stories below:

“My sister kindly gifted me a copy of the Blissful Apothecary Handbook. It’s chock full of all-natural goodness! I love the reflexology chart with it. All of the recipes are very thorough showing the benefits, what to use and the percentages/ # of drops, how often to take them. It really is a great guide to support healthy living

I’ll be ordering one soon to give away in my VIP group because sharing is caring and this can benefit everyone!!!”

Myssi A.

“ Lauri is an amazing Spiritual mentor…she is awesomely intuitive and insightful. Her information is hands-on and practical. She always displays compassion and understanding. I have really enjoyed working with Lauri and look forward to seeing the changes that are budding with me. Thank you, Lauri, for all that you do!”


“ Lauri has a unique sense of where the person is at each-and-every session. She comes prepared to meet me where I am and guide me to the next level if so desired. Choosing to work weekly has made a huge impact on my forward momentum from both a personal and professional standpoint. She has guided me to break through barriers within seconds which allows me to grow and expand as quickly as I am willing.
Hands down an excellent program to be part of.  Her ability to achieve greatness within each soul is priceless. All the best.”


“ You don’t know what you don’t know about yourself until someone insightful, with integrity & with your best interests at heart can gently, bring it to your attention. “Wow!” That’s right! Where else could i have ever learned that?! That’s what Lauri does for me, during our Mentoring sessions. I tell her what I’ve experienced during the week. My take on what it meant to me & what i learned from it, then helps me direct or redirect how i plan to execute my next step or two. What a confidence builder! I’m so grateful to her gift as a Spiritual mentor!”


“ Private Mentoring with Lauri has been life-changing for me. I NOW perceive the situation differently, with clarity and positively. It has been a ‘game-changer’ for not giving my “thinking” so much power…and “FEELING” my purpose and direction. The Advanced BOLT class and BOLT Facilitator class not only raised my frequency but my awareness of the new paths I am to take! I’m calmer, more confident, and the most amazing people and opportunities are showing up, daily! I am so grateful for Lauri Cloud. Working with her has changed my life! I am forever grateful! ”


“ I had never experienced an Intuitive Spiritual mentor before, however, after working with Lauri, I can see the amazing value in her mentoring program. It goes far beyond the traditional “therapy” and gets right to the core of the matter. I thoroughly enjoyed using the “assignments”. I have seen an immediate change in my relationships with myself, my wife and my workplace. All I can say is THANK YOU.”


“ What an amazing experience working with Lauri has been. I am familiar with the process of layering the onion in traditional therapy…but Lauri’s techniques get right to the core. She is always offering me do-able tools to put into place after our sessions. The greatest part, THEY ALL WORK! I have seen an amazing change in my relationship with my family and my life partner. Lauri you are the best!”


“ I asked the Universe for a teacher and one day, out-of-the-blue a friend said, “I think you’d like working with Lauri.” I wasn’t sure what to expect since she if the first intuitive mentor I’ve worked with. What a gift talking with her has been! She is extremely effective in seeing blockages that stop me from enjoying life more fully and in helping me to move forward in my spiritual practice. She amazes me many times with her clear vision and with her gentle ability to show me things that haven’t been immediately apparent to me. She gives me assignments to keep me focused and lovingly on the point between phone calls. I’m smiling as I write this because the process is so enjoyable and life-changing. Thanks to Lauri, I have seen that I have so much power than I realized. By the way, I love Lauri and I love her work so much, I signed my daughter up. She, too, has sung her praises in thanking me for her gift.”


“ My first introduction to Lauri was in 2011and she left a lasting impression that has stayed with me through the years. It is with great joy and gratitude that I was finally ready to reconnect and begin working with her.

In the time we have spent together, I have learned much about myself on every level of my being. There is work to do, and Lauri makes it fun. She is always heart-centered, joyful, knowledgeable and willing to go the distance with you. Her intuition is spot on! The tools she gives you are empowering, easy and they work! Though I may have my own way of doing things, I am open to learning something new and am always happy I chose to learn a new way. I share much of my discoveries, lessons, homework and tools with friends, and clients as to why suffer when you can shift???

I love our time together, even when it’s challenging. I can honestly say that people who have known me for years have noticed a huge difference in my being and always ask “what have you been doing” I simply smile and say, “time with Lauri”. I am most grateful to Lauri and her loving ways…take a leap and you will land softly!”


“What a wild ride….in the last 3 months I have been given the opportunity to discover how amazing I truly am. During the Being of Light Training…I have gone from “are you kidding me?” to “I am so amazing and so is this world”


“ BOLT is an experience everyone must encounter. It absolutely transforms you without you even recognizing the process. The gentleness and consistency within this program is profound. When I completed this course…I no longer recognized the person I used to be! Instead I find I am quiet, loving, forgiving, gentle with others, open, caring, accepting….and so on! I highly recommend this experience for everyone. It is truly life changing.”


“ The process of spending 3 months looking at yourself thru eyes you have never used before was awesome. I found myself amazed after each class. I can now recognize myself as a Being of Light and am able to share that energy with others…daily! Time well spent-Energy gratefully received-changes embraced with great gusto! Thank you, Lauri.”


“ I have worked with oils for over 10 years and I have never found such powerfully potent concoctions! Lauri has a way of blending essential oils that increase the healing powers. I love that she shares her technique in her book, ‘The Blissful Apothecary’. The way the book is laid-out makes blending oils so simple. I use my book almost every day.”


“ ‘The Blissful Apothecary’ is a blessing for those of us that create healing 101 remedies for ourselves and others. It is a short-cut to healing, as well as, a shortcut to creating the healing remedy. The methodical approach makes it easy to follow and create powerful 101 remedies. ”


“ Prior to getting the book, The Blissful Apothecary, I was just using essential oils for myself and my family. I never realized how satisfying it is to create a remedy. The ability to help so many people with any type of ailment is very fulfilling. To watch, those you care about to become free from physical, emotional and mental pain is truly a gift for the soul.”


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