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Lauri Cloud’s newest creation is an Anti-Pandemic Blend of Essential oils featuring Thyme

Thyme is a strong and powerful oil.  It helps energize physical weakness and relieves mental stress.  It is also known to assist in mental concentration.  

Common Primary Uses: Depression, digestion, circulation, fatigue, asthma, bronchitis

It is a powerful support for the immune system.

Can be applied topically on the bottom of the feet, forehead, and base of the neck. When applying to hands, make sure you DO NOT touch your eyes for at least 20 minutes! Also, great to inhale often throughout the day (roll onto hands, rub together briskly, cup hands over nose and mouth and inhale through the nose than through the mouth).

Due to the global situation, I have been asked to create a remedy that is not currently in my book (The Blissful Apothecary). 

 The new remedy is: ANTI-PANDEMIC

In a 10 ml roll-on bottle combine the following as listed:

  1. On Guard                  8 drops
  2. Thyme                     21 drops
  3. Breathe                     6 drops                 

Swirl oil together until it feels complete. This may take several swirling times, allow the remedy to sit in between swirling.  When complete…fill the bottle with a carrier oil and swirl again several times to combine. 

Pro Tip: never shake the essential oils to combine

Enjoy a Healthy World,


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