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If you have been following my previous blogs, you already know much has changed in the world and much has changed for each of us that inhabit the Earth.

What I would like to share with you today is a wonderful exercise in becoming the change that surrounds you.

Like a lotus flower, you are composed of many unique yet similar aspects of the whole.  Each petal appears to be the same but upon inspection is different from all the other petals.  The energy of the whole is a variation of energy coming from each unique petal. 

We each represent the greater whole in our aspect of defining ourselves individually.  Yet we hold the energy of the vast wholeness deep within our core.

The thoughts I share with you today are meant to assist you in transforming your new aspects into reality.

  • Be unconcerned about your changes…flow with the experience
  • Open one petal at a time…discover what is newly available to you
  • If the opening is difficult or painful…ask for the message to effortlessly be present
  • See the world around you as an expression of the “NEW”
  • BE…a calm, quiet reflection to others
  • Share your wisdom energetically…allowing others to “feel” the difference in themselves and the world.
  • Sooth the “fear” around you.  It is unnecessary to change or offer change to others…They will find their way!

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