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Our journey today brings us into an awareness of our Spiritual Family Members (SFM).

Some SFMs only show up once in a lifetime…often a very impactful moment.  And other times they play an adversarial or supportive role throughout our earthly life.  You will know by the impact you experience.

It is time to call your unknown SFM’s to you…They have been waiting for your request.

In this particular moment in Earth’s history, We are moving into a period of massive change and enlightenment.  The 3rd Dimension is falling away and we, as a species, are swiftly being pulled into the next dimension.

Getting ready for this leap is a simple process:

  • Draw your attention away from the 3rd D circus
  • Clear your life of “needs & wants”
  • Focus on the energy you project
  • Listen to your Soul
  • Act from LOVE
  • Open your realm of possibilities

There are members of our Spiritual Family waiting in the “wings” to be part of our amazing transformation.  It is clearly a time of great excitement and celebration in the “heavens”.  Our journey to this moment has been a long hard road but…WE MADE IT!

We, as a spiritual group, are now awakening to the true purpose of our existence…We are NOW READY to make the leap into the next Dimension.


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