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During these times of so much change…it is very helpful to remember your ability to create

Tap into the Abundant Energy of Creation

During these times of so much change…it is very helpful to remember your ability to create! 

 You are still the magnificent creator of your life.  You are still a powerful mechanism of manifestation.  You are the foundation and creator of your life’s journey.

Avoid the Distractions of the 3rd  Dimension’s World 

External circumstances will always want to sway you into a less-than-powerful stance.  That is the purpose of the 3rd Dimension!  However, none of us are 3rd Dimensional beings…we are magnificent creative Spiritual entities able to change our circumstances, our feelings, our reactions to anything and everything WE CHOOSE!

Redirect Your Focus

When we focus on the 3rd Dimension and all its challenges…we can lose “sight” of our innate powers to make changes in our lives and the lives of others.  There is an abundant creative energy flowing around, in, and through each of us.  Redirecting your focus to this abundance will help you see the purpose of all current circumstances and situations.  There are NO ACCIDENTS!  Everything we are experiencing is part of our evolutionary plan to personal and global enlightenment!

Use this Tool to Shift Your Energy Now

For each of you struggling with current circumstances, I would like to offer a simple and gentle change.  Take a few moments several times a day.

Breathe deeply until you can feel the struggle within shift to quiet…then ask SOURCE to download you with new energy!  This simple technique will prevail over, any and all, fear, worry, or concern!

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