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Lemongrass is one of those versatile oils. It can be used in any remedy and will offer a fantastic result.

I absolutely LOVE, not only the fragrance but the powerful healing properties contained within Lemongrass essential oils’ beautiful smell. 

Common Primary Uses:

Bladder infection, Carpal Tunnel, Frozen shoulder, Gastritis, Purification, Grave’s Disease, Mental fatigue, Muscle strain, Tissue repair, Urinary tract infection, Varicose veins, Ligament repair, and Wounds….to list only a few!

It is a powerful enhancer for the immune system, muscles, and bones.

The lemongrass essential oil can be applied topically with (1:1 dilution or neat) on the area affected or to reflex points on hand or feet.  Be aware it can cause skin irritation…so be cautious when applying.

My favorite Lemongrass remedy is: 

JOINT REPAIR (a powerful blend) 

  1. Blend Wintergreen and Oregano 5 drops:5 drops     swirl and set aside
  2. Blend Sandalwood and Cypress 5 drops:5 drops        swirl and set aside
  3. In a 3rd bottle-combine the following:  Blend #1, Lemongrass 10 dr, Coriander 10 dr, Blend #2
  4. Swirl the entire contents several times until the remedy “smells” right.
  5. Add carrier oil to fill 10 ml roll-on bottle

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