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Marjoram is an extremely relaxing oil. It promotes inner peace and sleep. It can be used to calm the body wherever it is feeling tense.

Common Primary Uses 

Muscle spasms, stiff joints, respiratory congestions, cramps, insomnia & anxiety. It is a powerful enhancer for the Cardiovascular System, Muscles, and Bones. Marjoram essential oil can be applied topically with (1:1 dilution or neat) on the area affected or to reflex points on hand &/or feet.  Be aware it can cause skin irritation…so be cautious when applying.

My favorite Marjoram essential oil remedy is for: 


  1. Blend Wintergreen and Peppermint 2 drops:1 drop                                          swirl and set aside
  2. Blend Marjoram, Basil & Rosemary 24 drops: 12 drops: 9 drops                     swirl and set aside
  3. Frankincense   6 drops
  4. Lavender          6 drops
  5. In a 3rd bottle-combine the following: Blend #1, Blend #2, Frankincense, Lavender
  6. Swirl the entire contents several times until remedy “smells” right
  7. Add carrier oil to fill a 10 ml bottle (roll-on bottles make application easier)

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