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NOW…is our time to play a major part in the preservation and appreciation of our Home Earth!

 I know this task seems to be quite overwhelming…however, amazingly, it is simple!  Affecting change in our planetary conditions through the use of group energy is powerful and transformational.  How and when we direct this energy is the key.

 The use of creative energy combined with heart-based intention, will resonate with the energy of GAIA and begin transformation and healing instantly!

I know when I look around the planet and see all the disregard and negligence, I sometimes feel as if we are in a hole too large to climb out.  But that 3rd Dimensional way of looking at the situation will only prevent me from changing the situation! 

Mother Earth is struggling to reset to balance.  She needs our help to survive.  And we are fully capable of giving her that help.  NOW, is the time for each of us to stop avoiding the imminent disaster that looms all around us!  It is absolutely impossible to ignore the signs that our home is dying!

The change can happen by gathering group power, by placing ourselves in a higher vibration with pure intent to create, using simple yet powerful tools—WE will create miracles for Planet Earth and the survival of human life.

Join our group in manifesting Earth’s survival by becoming part of the solution!

 Each week, on a group conference call, we will gather to align with Mother Earth, share our energy and healing intentions and take a proactive stance for the health of our home. 

Miracles are waiting to happen, and we are just the group to bring them to fruition!

If you are interested in joining in…contact me via email, Senergy121@gmail.com.  

We will begin our journey together on Monday, March 15th at 5:30 pm pst.  If you are receiving this information after the 15th, no worries, there is always room for more!  Just contact me and get the call-in specifics. 

Sending you all much Love and Light in your life. 


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