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Tips to Help Relieve “Cranky Energy”

The changes we are currently experiencing globally are reflected in our personal lives on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

As the world changes-we change and as we change-the the Earth changes!  That being said…it is important to recognize what is actually “ours” and what is just global.

As I am being guided to share this information with you, I am currently going through a personal experience of just, down-right “cranky-ness”.  There is no explanation for it, nor does there seem to be a purpose for it.  It comes and goes at will. When I check in with myself regarding this “crankiness” I realize it does not belong to me…no matter how personal it feels.  It seems to come from nowhere and feels justified…as if I am supposed to feel this way! Standing outside of myself I can see the energy floating in and out of my consciousness and awareness. So, I now ask myself…what is the solution?

The answer I received is the following:

  •       HOLD YOUR BALANCE: Focus on your core, expanding that energy throughout your physical, emotional, and mental body.
  •      CONNECT TO EARTH: Stretch out onto the ground and feel yourself sink into the Earth about 3 feet deep.  Stay there until you feel clear.
  •      GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION: To BE cranky and then let it flow through you.  Remember you are releasing not only human “cranky” but also Earth “cranky”.

And finally, give thanks for the joy you have just created for yourself and the world! For individuals who would like to engage in mentoring with me, please give me a call or contact me to discuss.

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