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We Have All Pondered This Question

This exercise will help you if you have asked yourself any of the following questions about your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Do you have a global Soul’s purpose, as well as, a personal Soul’s purpose?

How do we know the difference…or is there a difference?

Is it possible that every action we choose has a global effect?

Is it possible that every global event affects (plus or minus) our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime?

Can We discover our Soul’s purpose?

Can We discover our global purpose?

Choose From Love

You have the power to choose your internal, as well as, external world.  You are Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally empowered when u choose from LOVE.

When you choose from LOVE, you empower the World to BE LOVE. There are almost 8 billion Souls present on Earth right now!  Can you imagine the vibration if all 8 billion Souls made ALL decisions from LOVE?

Currently, the majority of all decisions by humans are made from FEAR!

Transformation Exercise

Take a moment NOW and do this simple exercise:

FEEL yourself as 1 of 8 billion…FEEL the love in your Soul…ALLOW that love to spin out to everyone on the planet!

Now, focus on you…

? What is happening to YOUR heart?

Now, shift your focus to every human on the Earth….

? What is happening to each person on the planet?  Can you see the LIGHT that is being shared?

Now, shift your focus to Earth…what is changing on the Planet?

This is a very transformational exercise and I encourage you to take a bit-of-time each day to experience the changes that occur when you live consciously thru LOVE. I love to hear your stories please click to send me your experiences.

Love to you all,


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